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Who put the ‘Tea’ in ‘Afternoon Tea’?

15 August 2017

Happy Afternoon Tea Week! If you are getting in to the spirit of small bitesize sandwiches and delicious sweet treats this week to celebrate, do you ever wonder where it came from? Or maybe, you’re looking for a new Afternoon Tea experience. Let me give you a little insight into both… The Afternoon Tea beginnings… […]

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A countryside stay in the winter…

01 September 2017

Now summer is coming to an end, have you thought of your winter break yet? As the days become shorter, the nights draw in, the temperature drops and the frost makes an appearance, it’s time to discover the beauty of nature this winter. But why a countryside stay you ask, well let me tell you […]

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Are you making the most of your wedding budget?

05 September 2017

We get it, weddings are expensive and it’s hard to cut the costs – but it is your big day and it needs to be just right! If you’re on a tight budget, let me give you some pointers on how you can have your dream wedding for less. Think off peak and save a […]

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