Katie Whittaker

Katie Whittaker

Katie Whittaker is a fairly new addition to the Stoke by Nayland Hotel, Golf & Spa family but during her time she has been a driving force within the Sales Team. With the remit of Weddings, Katie provides brides and grooms with support, hot drinks and a bit of banter to ease the stress. What more could you want?

Fun facts about Katie

If I was a superhero I’d be… Supergirl – Who wouldn’t want to fly everywhere and have super strength?!

If I could spend the day in another department at SbN Hotel I would choose… And why? A day in Peake Spa, to try and blag some free treatments!

3 words that describe me are… Chatterbox. Bubbly. Enthusiastic.

Zombie apocalypse survival tactic? Learn some amazing combat skills to fight the zombies off. (If that doesn’t work, hide!)

On a scale of 1 to 10, how cool do you think you are? (1 = low, 10 = high) I’d love to say 10, but I’ll go for a cool 7.

Would you rather go to outer space or to the bottom of the ocean? Why? I’d go to outer space to be the first female to walk on the moon!

What 3 things could you not live without? Netflix, Mexican food and my iPhone.

Most overused saying… Literally. I literally say it all the time.

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