Penny Wilby

Penny Wilby

My name is Penny, I’m the owner of thebestof Sudbury; a local marketing business that relentlessly promotes the best the area has to offer. I also work closely with Peake Fitness, as a thebestof Sudbury business member, making sure people know about their great fitness classes and the facilities the gym has to offer.

When I’m not gallivanting around West Suffolk with my selfie stick, I’m busy chauffeuring my two daughters to and from various clubs and classes. I’m partial to brewing the odd beer and knitting socks (although not at the same time, because that would be crazy!).

Fun facts about Penny

If I was a superhero I’d be… Multi-Tasking Girl, juggling a million things at once, whilst picking up discarded socks, shoes and bits of paper from school bags.

If I could spend the day in a department at SbN Hotel I would choose…  And why? The Marketing Department on someone’s birthday. I’ve eaten the Commercial Manager Marijke’s cakes and I need to eat more.

3 words that describe me are… Short. Smiley. Enthusiastic.

Zombie apocalypse survival tactic? Taking my inspiration from Shaun of The Dead, I think I would use my Theatre Studies A Level class (1990-92) to trick those zombies into think I was a fellow undead.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how cool do you think you are? (1 = low, 10 = high) I’m so uncool I’m cool, so both 1 and 10.

Would you rather go to outer space or to the bottom of the ocean? Why? Outer space. This is probably where I’ll meet Dr Who (big Dr Who fan) and I’ve decided that really what he needs is a more mature assistant. And that new assistant should probably be me.  I could easily handle the sonic screw driver and my diplomacy and negotiation skills means I could probably sort out any cybermen/dalek situations.

What 3 things could you not live without? My family, my knitting needles and my iPhone.

Most overused saying… ‘Yarp’ from Hotfuzz 


Authors' Posts

Penny Does… Body Attack

14 February 2017
Body Attack at Peake Fitness

In 16 days, I’ll be donning the lycra and psyching myself up for my first ever half marathon. I should point out, I’m not a natural fitness enthusiast. I enjoy plodding across the Suffolk countryside because it gets me out and I enjoy the solitude of running by myself, alone with my thoughts and my […]

Penny does… Technogym

04 January 2017
Newly refurbished Peake Fitness center

A few months ago, I set myself a challenge (and I do love a challenge) to run my first half marathon. Thanks to Sue Tetley, who runs positive psychology coaching business, Thrive with Sue, I have signed up for the Hampton Court Half Marathon in February 2017. Never in my life have I ever done […]

Penny does…Yoga

08 September 2016
yoga on the beach

I’m more of getting my trainers on and running sort of person, but I’ve always been interested to try yoga, mainly because those that do it, rave about it to the point of obsession. When the opportunity arose to give the Thursday yoga class, with new yoga instructor extraordinaire, Wibbs Coulson, I jumped at the […]

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