I know winter isn’t generally considered the best time for you to be playing golf, but there are a number of reasons why you should get out on the golf course over the next few months. Why winter? Generally the courses are quieter giving you more time to go round the course You can grab […]

Penny and SbN Golf Coach Simon

Back in February I did something I never thought I’d ever do; play golf and enjoy it. You can read about my first golfing experience here. I had so much fun, I went back for a second go, again with golf pro, Simon Dainty. This time, I have to say, the weather was kinder. I did […]

Penny does... golf

When I was a little girl, a few years ago now, Father Christmas bought me set of plastic golf clubs. I loved those golf clubs – they were red, blue, yellow and green. I soon discovered, that if you hit your 3 year old sister over the head with them, she will cry and they […]

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