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Find it hard to get to the gym some days? Whether it’s having to stay late at the office one evening or making sure you get to parents evening on time, here at Peake Fitness we understand that it’s not always convenient or possible to fit the gym into your busy day. We’ve decided to […]

Lifestyle - 3 Apps That Help You Exercise - Smart Phone in Hand

We all know that finding time to exercise is hard enough.  Even if you manage it, you then need to find the motivation. But what if there was a way to trick yourself in to it by re-framing your exercise as play? Introducing SbN’s top 3 phone apps which get you burning calories gently, slowly […]


In January, I made a pledge to get out more, improve my fitness and start running again. 5 months later, my fitness has definitely improved and I can now run 5k (sometimes further if the wind is in the right direction) without collapsing. I’m not fast, but I’m consistent. Until now, my training has consisted […]

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