Penny does... golf

When I was a little girl, a few years ago now, Father Christmas bought me set of plastic golf clubs. I loved those golf clubs – they were red, blue, yellow and green. I soon discovered, that if you hit your 3 year old sister over the head with them, she will cry and they […]

Golfer hitting ball

Thought Golf was all about middle aged men in funny sweaters and PlusFour trousers? Think again – here are some busted misconceptions about the game and some little-known facts about the sport… You burn a surprising number of calories when playing a round of golf at Stoke by Nayland… 1000 calories! You’ll also walk about […]

Golf clubs

New year, new you? Have you set yourself a challenge to try something different for 2017? Whether you’re looking to get into a new sport yourself or a new activity for your child, golf is a great sport to take up at any age. It can be fun, social and very rewarding, and I’m going […]

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