Adults at the gym

I’ve heard this question a lot in my years as a PT; older clients unsure whether they are physically or mentally too old to start going to the gym. The fear of embarrassment takes over. Not knowing what to actually do in the gym, technophobes worrying about how to turn the screen on, how the […]

Here at Peake Fitness, we love wearable technology, whether it’s a Fitbit, a Garmin device or even an Apple Watch, if it measures and encourages progress towards an individual’s fitness goals, then we are game! Wearable technology has really taken the fitness industry by storm in recent years, for example there were over 13 million […]

In January, I made a pledge to get out more, improve my fitness and start running again. 5 months later, my fitness has definitely improved and I can now run 5k (sometimes further if the wind is in the right direction) without collapsing. I’m not fast, but I’m consistent. Until now, my training has consisted […]

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