Here at Peake Fitness, we love wearable technology, whether it’s a Fitbit, a Garmin device or even an Apple Watch, if it measures and encourages progress towards an individual’s fitness goals, then we are game! Wearable technology has really taken the fitness industry by storm in recent years, for example there were over 13 million […]

We all know that finding time to exercise is hard enough.  Even if you manage it, you then need to find the motivation. But what if there was a way to trick yourself in to it by re-framing your exercise as play? Introducing SbN’s top 3 phone apps which get you burning calories gently, slowly […]

I drink a lot of water. People do ask if it’s because I work in Peake and am therefore surrounded by elements of health (be it personal trainers, physiotherapists or the tantalising allure of free gym classes), but no, I do it because I’ve made it a habit. I know the positive impact it has […]

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