This is my second summer look tutorial for evening makeup – if you’ve been sunning yourself with the first look, but then have an evening engagement, why not step it up a notch with this tutorial? Designed to be the evening transition of the day time look, this one works perfectly when paired with the […]

We all love summer, it’s true – but looking fabulous and staying that way can be a little difficult when you’re feeling frazzled by that glorious sunshine. Find my helpful tips below to make sure your makeup looks just as good at the end of your summer day as it did when you left the house! […]

Wedding Makeup Eyes

Welcome to part 1 of our Wedding Makeup Tips Tutorial. This is a perfect summer look for guests to try at home before a friend or family member’s big day, meaning you can glam yourself up without spending a fortune! Don’t worry if you’re not too confident with applying makeup – I’m Georgia, the Stoke […]

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