yoga on the beach

I’m more of getting my trainers on and running sort of person, but I’ve always been interested to try yoga, mainly because those that do it, rave about it to the point of obsession. When the opportunity arose to give the Thursday yoga class, with new yoga instructor extraordinaire, Wibbs Coulson, I jumped at the […]

women golfers at LETAS

With the LETAS coming up, I thought I’d focus on why women make great golfers. Women and golf have a mixed history together, and it’s not always been particularly complimentary towards the female sex. But here I take a look at some natural tendencies that may lend themselves to make a woman really enjoy golf. […]

Sometimes it’s easy for you to get stuck in a routine with your makeup, but why not try and jazz things up with my summer look tutorial – daytime? This is a great one for the day time but I’ve also done another video which transforms this look in to perfect summer evening makeup. Be […]

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