Wedding Makup

Welcome to part 2 of our Wedding Makeup Tips Tutorial. Makeup is an integral part of any wedding day, and not just for the bride. As a guest, you want to make sure you’re looking your best. Why not use this handy guide to continue your own wedding makeup on the big day? I’ll take you through […]

Wedding Makeup Eyes

Welcome to part 1 of our Wedding Makeup Tips Tutorial. This is a perfect summer look for guests to try at home before a friend or family member’s big day, meaning you can glam yourself up without spending a fortune! Don’t worry if you’re not too confident with applying makeup – I’m Georgia, the Stoke […]

Traditional Henna designs

It’s pretty normal these days for the bride and her cohorts to have a Hen Party – essentially celebrating with a night of partying, some interesting activities or a silly game or two before she finally ties the knot. But do you know where this tradition comes from, and where it gets the name? Historically, […]

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